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Fanless Rack Servers

Perform all of your dedicated server tasks with ease – including hardware firewalls, VPN routers, internet gateways and application servers – thanks to a powerful processor and lots of memory.You can keep your server room or cabinet cool and quiet with a completely fanless server that also has excellent heat dissipation.  
Picture Model Dimension Material Weight Storage Space
Half 19" Fanless 1U 44.3 H x 483.7 W x 257.3 D mm Aluminum 5.2Kg 2.5 inch HDD
Half 19" Fanless 1U System 44.3 H x 440 W x 360 D mm (CI945A) 44.3 H x 443.4 W x 511 D mm (NI525A) Aluminus / SECCII 5.2Kg 2.5 inch / 3.5 inch HDD / CD-ROM / PCI slot
Half 19" 1U with 2 x PCI 44.5 H x 440 W x 314 D mm SECCII 3.5Kg(1 x MB), 4.2Kg (2 x MB) 2.5"/ 3.5" HDD / CD-ROM / PCI slot
Half 19" 1U System 44.5 H x 440 W x 214 D mm SECCII 3.5Kg 3.5" HDD / Slim CD-ROM
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