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Industrial DIN-Rail Computers
LEX Embedded System integrates all the functions in a motherboard that a user would ever need. We produce "All-in-One" full functional products, combining, for instance, multiple LAN ports, multiple serial ports, USB, video-in, and expansion slot all in single motherboards. We provide Compact Embedded Application System for PoE system, PC surveillance,POS, Digital Signage, Networking solution and Car PC.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of motherboards, panel PCs, barebones, (IA)accessories and embedded systems. Our product portfolio is focused on embedded system which could be applied to the uses of Internet Appliance (IA), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Application Storage (NAS), Kiosk, Network Application Devices (NAD), Digital Signage, Automation Control, Car PC, and Point of Sale (POS). Furthermore, we offer custom-built solutions for our OEM/ODM clients.
Picture Model Dimension Material Weight Storage Space
Miro-2 37 H x 140 W x 92D mm Aluminum 0.5 Kg ( Incl. M/B ) mSATA
Miro-2 (2 Layers) 64 H x 140 W x 92D mm Aluminum 0.75 Kg ( Incl. M/B ) mSATA, 2.5" HDD
Miro-3 (2 Layers) 72.9 D x 178 W x 116 H mm Aluminum 1.5 Kg ( Incl. M/B ) 1 x 2.5" HDD
Miro-3 (3 Layers) 90.9 H x 178 W x 116 D mm Aluminum 1.75 Kg ( Incl. M/B ) 1 x 2.5" HDD
Total 4 Products, actual side 1


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